Faculty of Engineering – Cairo university had established a special unit to conduct research and studies and provide technical consultancy in the field of civil engineering, supported by a huge number of outstanding scientific competencies with broad practical experiences, and by available potential laboratory equipment.

The Research and Studies Center of Civil Engineering (RSCCE) was established in 1993 as a special governmental unit according to the discipline # 24 dated 22/6/1993 of the president of supreme council of universities to serve in providing consultancy services in all major fields of civil engineering such as : Structural and Construction Engineering, Geo-technical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Surveying, Water Resources Engineering, and Environmental Engineering. In case of Integrated Projects, RSCCE provides consultancies in Civil Engineering as well as other branches in Engineering such as Architectural Engineering and Electro-Mechanical Engineering.
  • Upgrading design and implementation in the fields of civil engineering.
  • Providing specialized technical consulting services.
  • Preparing integrated engineering studies in the fields of civil engineering.
  • Preparing feasibility studies for projects in the fields of civil engineering.
  • Providing special consultancy in management and execution of civil engineering projects.
  • Providing quality control and quality assurance to civil engineering projects.
  • Conducting applied scientific research closely related to engineering projects.
  • Organizing and holding scientific conferences, symposiums and workshops in the field of civil engineering.
  • Preparing and organizing training programs for upgrading standard of civil engineers.
  • Strengthening scientific and research links with other universities and scientific communities.

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The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357

Surveying Monitoring System & Structural Safety Study for building surrounding the project site

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