FIELD OF WORK Surveying and Mapping
LOCATION The New Administrative Capital
CLIENT Misr for Central Clearing, Depository and Registry

Project details

About This Project :
This project aims to:

  • Preparing a technical report presents the methodology for the execution of planimetric and topographic survey works performed for a parcel of land number (CS02) owned by Misr for Central Clearing Depository and Registry Company in order to build an administration building in new capital city, New Cairo – Egypt.
  • Scope:
  • Run survey works using: The Egyptian Transverse Mercator Coordinate System (ETM) for the horizontal coordinates and reference levels to the Mean Sea Level (MSL EGM98).
  • Establish at least 5 horizontal control points locations over the site corners, as indicated in fig (2) and observed them by GPS, to be the main base points for survey works and guidance for any further site works. With maximum 500-meter distance between each point.
  • Run a planimetric surveying within boundary Area 8500 m2 including but not limited to:
    The existing features such as: utility pipes as a Group Line, Buildings, the existing foundation level of adjacent buildings, roads, tracks, elevations, fences, valves, manholes, trees, light poles, above ground utilities as equipment by border line only.
  • Locate the electrical, water, sewage and gas tie in site with location.
  • Execution of topographic grid levelling with 10 × 10m interval, and changed to small interval in steeped sloped areas and every ground notable changes. 
  • Survey outer lines of existing building if exist with finished level for entrance and ceiling height only.
  • Record fence walls elevation if exist, observe columns edges.
  • Locate about 4 point of property limit given by client.
  • Survey levels of the all-surrounding roads and tracks opposite the site, with Center line, edges every 10 m interval, and top level of any existing curb.
  • Site photos having Geo-Location and tilted image with description card for room number or name.