FIELD OF WORK Integrated Engineering Studies
LOCATION Masr Al- Jadidah
CLIENT Thyssenkrupp
TIME SPAN 8-11/3-12/2018

Project details

About the course:
The Course main outlines were:

  • Site Investigation.
  • Field Tests.
  • Laboratory Tests.
  • Evaluation of Technical Soil Reports.
  • Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations.
  • Pile Foundation.
  • Ground Water Control.
  • Problematic Solis and Soil Improvement Methods.

    Training Program Duration:
  • 8 Sessions.
  • 2 Sessions / week (4 weeks).
  • 3 Hours Session (From 4-7 pm).
  • Number of attends should be 9 engineers.

    Certification Exam:
  • The course includes periodic examinations.
  • Final exam in the end of the course.

  • A certificate shall be issued from the Civil Engineering Centre, Cairo University at the end of the 4 weeks for the attendees who successfully complete the course.

    Course Instructor:
    Prof. Dr. Hussien El-Mamlouk 


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