FIELD OF WORK Structural & Geotechnical Engineering
LOCATION Giza Governorate
CLIENT Individuals
TIME SPAN 2021-2022

Project details

About This Project :
Partial demolition is the removal of a single wall or a fraction of the building instead of gutting or removing an entire structure; without negatively affecting the structural elements of the building or ruining the integrity of plumbing, electrical and cable systems.

RSCCE performed the structural safety study and supervised the partial demolition of some buildings included in the widening of the ring road project from the Autostrad to Mariouteya, including but not limited to:
1. Building No. (1) Tersa Street, Al-Karim Tower (2) - Beside the camp - Mariouteya - Haram - Giza Governorate.
2. Building No. (1) Mahmoud El-Sayed Street, Mariouteya - Haram - Giza Governorate.
3. Building No. (2) Mahmoud Al-Sayed Street, Tersa - Talbieh – Haram-Giza Governorate.
4. Building No. (A 26) Tersa Street, Anwar Sadat (currently) - Haram - Giza Governorate.
5. Building No. (32) Al Moholat Street, Tersa - Talbieh – Haram - Giza Governorate.
6. Buildings No. (3-7-9-13-15) Mansourieh - Sphinx Street - Haram - Giza Governorate.
7. Building No. (20) Abdel Samie Street - Talbieh - Giza Governorate.
8. Building located at the corner of Al-Libini Street and Al-Arbaeen Street - Giza Governorate.
9. Building No. (1) Mahmoud Morsy Street - Espats - Haram - Giza Governorate.
10. Building No. (4) Al-Ikhlas Street - Talbieh - Haram - Giza Governorate.
11. Building No. (1) Hassan El- Shazly Street and the building next to it - corner of Tersa and El-Shazly Streets - Haram - Giza Governorate.