FIELD OF WORK Transportation Engineering
LOCATION Greater Cairo Area (GCA)
CLIENT Egyptian company for metro management and operation
TIME SPAN 2015-2016

Project details

About This Project:
This project aims to:

  • Revision of the control and protection system (for Metro third line) and its compliance with the International Standards.
  • Revision of the effectiveness of the control and protection system and its interlocking with the signaling system.
  • Study of the maintenance management system.
  • Assessment of the operation modes of the control and protection system.
  • Revision and evaluation of the response of the control system in trains.
    Revision of the institutional framework and human resources.
  • Revision of the relation between the Egyptian Company for Metro Management and Operation (ECM) and the National Authority of Tunnels (NAT).


  • Studying technical documents, catalogs and revision of operating, control and protection systems.
  • Conducting site visits to the locations of Metro Third Line and making interview with the Staff.
  • Making interview with the staff of the National Authority of Tunnels (NAT).
  • Providing periodic monthly reports.