FIELD OF WORK Surveying and Mapping
LOCATION Downtown Cairo
CLIENT The Egyptian General Co. for Tourism & Hotels (E.G.O.T.H)

Project details

About This Projects :

This study is prepared upon request of the Egyptian General Co. for Tourism & Hotels (EGOTH) in order to monitor the vertical and horizontal movement of:
1. The Southern Wall of the Continental Building in Opera Square - Downtown Cairo.
2. The administrative offices of the (EGOTH) company in Tawfikia - Downtown Cairo.


The suggested monitoring system is based on the total station measuring technique. This technique is designed based on taking surveying observations to measure the horizontal and vertical movement for particular critical points on the surface of the mentioned buildings. The suggested measuring system is based on measuring the vertical angles (for vertical movement points), the horizontal angles (for horizontal movement points), and the horizontal distance between the instrument and the measured point. These measurements are performed using a state-of-the-art Total Station with one second precision in angle measurements and one millimeter precision in distance measurements.
Prefabricated aluminum plates (approximate size of 1.5"x1.5") are used as target points and fixed on the position of the critical points using sticking substance (Epoxy). Two targets (aluminum plates) will be fixed for each critical point on the mentioned building, one at the top level of the building and the other at the bottom level of the building in order to measure the horizontal movement of the building. In addition, a system of Bench Marks based on well selected and stable places will be established to control the measurement of the vertical movements of the selected points.