Our History

The Research and Studies Center of Civil Engineering (RSCCE) was established in 1993 as a special governmental unit according to the discipline # 24 dated 22/6/1993 of the president of supreme council of universities to serve in providing consultancy services in all major fields of civil engineering such as : Structural and Construction Engineering, Geo-technical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Surveying, Water Resources Engineering, and Environmental Engineering. In case of Integrated Projects, RSCCE provides consultancies in Civil Engineering as well as other branches in Engineering such as Architectural Engineering and Electro-Mechanical Engineering.

Our Vision

RSCCE vision is to have a leading role in improving the level of planning, design and implementation of civil engineering projects at the local and international levels, and to be a standard for measuring the level of success, excellence and creativity in all fields of civil engineering.

Our Mission

  1. Achieving several national objectives, including providing sustainable economic development, transfer of expertise and technology, and training of important cadres in various government and investment sectors to enhancing the infrastructure of the state.
  2. Providing the engineering solutions and integrated engineering consultant that it impedes development in the construction and industry sectors to better service individuals, society and environment.
  3. Devoting the scientific, technical and professional capabilities of RSCCE in support of all categories and sectors involved in the field of civil engineering at the local, regional and global levels.
  4. Focusing on customer satisfaction and meet their requirements.
  5. Developing the professional and skilled capabilities of RSCCE staff to keep abreast with rapid evolving technological innovations.

Board Members