FIELD OF WORK Surveying and Mapping
LOCATION Shibin El-Kanater / El-Marg
CLIENT Egyptian National Railways

Project details

About This Project:
This project was produced digital map for the existing railroad corridor between Shibin El-Kanater / El-Marg in order to be used as a base map for the upgrading process of the railroad and its station and level crossing.
Surveying was performed using state of the art instruments in order to collect object data from the field using total stations, GPS, and precise level.

Survey works include the following tasks:

  • Establishing Ground Control Points needed for the surveying measurements.
  • Survey of all natural and artificial features in the field which include (Railroad tracks, Station details, Level crossing, all crossing features as canals and drains. In – addition, all surroundings were surveyed such as Buildings, Waterways, Electric poles, Trees, Agriculture area…etc.
  • Producing digital maps for the surveyed corridor.
  • Producing digital video for the surveyed corridor in order to be used in the upgrading process.